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Colossus Minerals ( and "The Anderson Effect": An Update

"There is an ancient mariner
and he stoppeth one in three (projects in their tracks)"

It hasn't taken shareholders in Colossus Minerals ( long to find out about Patrick 'Albatross' Anderson's uncanny knack of relieving them of shareholder value in short spaces of time. Here's the updated share price chart of with Anderson's arrival date marked nice and clearly;

This despite the words of CEO Sussman who said at the time, "Patrick's wealth of experience in the mining industry will add tremendous value to our Company......". Maybe I'm a bit confused, but isn't a 47.7% drop in share price the opposite to what you had in mind, Ari?

Don't say that Aurelian shareholders didn't try to warn you CSI guys. At least you have the consolation of assuming that any options agreement Albatross struck must be way out the money now. So as tribute to Anderson's finely tuned powers, here's a short Monty Python sketch to send you into the weekend. Enjoy.

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