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Confirmed: 19% of Peruvians are officially and certifiably insane

Chile player Orellana, about 0.7 seconds after scoring Chile's winning goal against
Argentina last night....have a guess what word he's about to scream?

The following two survey results cannot possibly be a coincidence:

1) President Twobreakfasts García has a job approval rating of 19%

2) 19% of Peruvians think their national football team can make it to the World Cup finals in 2010.

Nineteen percent! In the world they call "bleedin' reality, mate", both of those percentages should be stuck at zero. This can only mean that if you ever walk round Lima the chances are that 19% of the people you meet will be saying "wibble wibble" a lot and having long conversations with dogs and their own shoelaces and things like that.

Be clear; Peru cannot and will not make it to the Finals and anyone who understands the offside law can see that one. Meanwhile, Otto proved again last night that he totally sucks at soccer betting, as none of his three selections came in and his bankroll is back to zip nada nothing. At least Otto isn't mad enough to actually bet real money on his own selections......