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dirty scummy IMF gossip with pictures of the girl and the cuckold Argentine

Why the horns? Ask a Spanish speaker

Do we want a bit of sordid gossip on the site? Yeah, just for once.

According to the seven million news stories now going around, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the toppy top head honcho of the IMF, has been dipping his wick where he shouldn't (yep, it's a Wolfowitz redux). The nasty bit is that the object of his desire, Piroska Nagy (and here are the photos of Piroska)...

Piroska Nagy is young, blond and smiley

..... is married to current advisor to the governor of the Bank of England, ex IMF dude and ex-head of the Argentine Central Bank, Mario Blejer, 60 (photo above). To complete the vicious circle, Dominique is married to the ultra-famous French journalist (well, famous in France at least) Anne Sinclair. There will be blood.

Love those professional photos, no?

Back to Blejer, and poor old Mario has had a raw deal since finishing his term at the University of Budapest in 2000 (where he presumably fell under the charms of the apparent social climber Nagy). He resigned from the BCRA after a very public falling out with then FinMin Roberto Lavagna. He fiddled around the IMF for a while (and hey!...would ya look at that?? Nagy got a job at the IMF at the same time!! What a coincidence....) and has since then twiddled his thumbs at the BoE waiting for a recall to a ministry job in Argentina that hasn't come. Now according to the reports, he was the one who found the evidence of the affair between Strauss-Kahn and his pretty young wife (via e-mails and texts and all that modern stuff). It all got rumbled way back in February, but up to now the IMF and the people involved have tried to keep it quiet. Not any more.............

So if you feel like consoling Blejer, here's how you can get in touch.

Mario I. Blejer

3022 R Street, NW

Washington DC

20007 USA

Phone 1-202-652-0655 Mobile 1- 202-316-6777

Email marioblejer(AT) valueandrisk(AT) mario.blejer(AT) marioblejer(AT)

Tell him Otto sez 'hi', won't you?