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Dr Copper (or physician, heal thyself)

I could have sworn I saw $2.18/lb over the weekend.......

(yep, this is chart of the day)

The other base metals are coming along for the ride, too. There are even one or two that will start to become profitable to mine if this keeps up :-)

On the PM front, silver is again outperforming gold (and me with SLV at $9.70..woohoo!). And to show that blind charting and beginner's luck does count for something in this game, after calling present levels a bottom in Palladium two nights ago it's rallied 9%. I haven't followed it much, but I'd suppose the other "industrial PM" platinum has done the same....I really don't know, though.

Still largely cash, here. I may try a small trade or two today, but it will be strictly "take ST profits" stuff.