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The gold:silver ratio: An update

Here's the latest chart in the ongoing series.

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I bought SLV late yesterday (link here), and it was very much seat-of-the-pants. So last night I looked in a bit more detail at the current silver state of play. As that chart above explains, this really is an excellent investment right now. Silver will at some point return (don't ask me exactly when, though) to at least 60:1 against gold, and that means that even if gold does the unthinkable and sinks to U$700/oz, silver will still gain from here. However, as gold got the same type of liquidation hammering as silver yesterday, it's much more likely that both move up. Add that to the overbought signal coming from the RSI (which has worked three times more than it hasn't, so odds looked stacked in our favour) and the timing looks right for silver, too. DYODD, dude.