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Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites*

Trend and Value makes a very good point about the optimism still baked into US stock prices, even after this 5,000 point drop in the DJIA. Forward price/earnings ratios are still pretty optimistic compared to the state of the real economy, it seems. Plenty of food for thought in this post.

Ecuador Mining News proposes that Correa's Ecuador is now shaping up as pro-mining, and examines the evidence carefully, too. A very nice editorial from Silvia Santacruz.

Jurgen Schuldt has written two excellent articles this week. This one gives an overview in Spanish about the structural weaknesses that caused the USA finance crisis. Then this post (complete with handy chart) shows the continued evolution of Peuvian inflation and how the vast majority of Peruvians are still suffering under a significantly higher inflation rate than the official numbers.

Borev takes a look at how media reaction to the US nationalizations has been....let's say different to the way it covered the Venezuela nationalizations. I wonder why...........

* and sistasites, Silvia. Paz y amor, hermana