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Perou, et la plus ça change..........

Word from Lima's halls of power is that the new cabinet of ministers will be sworn in tomorrow, and up to six of the old ministers are likely to keep their much for all that new-broom-massive-swing-to-the-left talk, eh? Let's have a look at who's staying:

Economy: Luis Valdivieso. There was a chance that PPK took over here, but as Valdivieso 1) is fairly new in the post, 2) ex-IMF, following policies directly handed down to him by PPK via Carranza, and 3) Simon surely doesn't have a better alternative, then Luis stays. This one has been confirmed, by the way....neolib econ policies continue business as usual etc etc

Foreign Commerce: Mercedes Aráoz. She's done a fairly good job, has to be said. Also with the FTA about to be fully implemented there aren't that many people in Peru who have read the whole document more than once, so keeping Mercedes here is probably a time-saver. This one is confirmed

Foreign Relations: José García Belaunde. Belaunde is one of those old-school criollo Lima establishment family members that gets respect from place like Chile. Not a bad guy....Otto has no problem about him staying. This one is confirmed.

Now for three other that are likely (though not yet confirmed) to keep their jobs:

Employment: Jorge Villasante. It's a figurehead job anyway (all job creation comes from the FinMin policies, and the ministry of production overlaps on this portfolio, too) and the guy is no charisma-bearer, either. If confirmed, this one shows that Yehude Simon isn't getting a free hand over ministerial picks.

Environment: Antonio Brack Egg. This dude must stay because 1) he's respected by all sides of the issue 2) he's actually been doing some work since getting his job and 3) there's nobody else in Peru with a resume to match.

Justice: Rosario Fernández. This is probably because President Twobreakfasts doesn't want to be indicted at the end of his mandate. Either that or he's jealous about the number of Fernández's in ministerial jobs over in Argentina and wants one for himself.

So at the moment of the 16 ministerial positions there are three jobs confirmed, three jobs likely filled and ten unknowns. As for those 10 spots, things are very tight-lipped right now (the vacancies include the key interior ministry, education, too). However be assured that your snoopy Otto will dig out the juice as soon as possible......or if not we all find out together at the swearing-in ceremony tomorrow.