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Peru: The Petroperu corruption scandal gives Yehude Simon his chance

Yehude Simon (for it is he)

Last night the whole of the Peru ministerial cabinet offered their resignations to President Twobreakfasts. While this is not as unusual as it sounds (there's often a symbolic resignation offering), this time Alan will be forced to act. Likely losses include the Prime Minister Jorge MiniMe del Castillo along with other long-time Alan cronies and APRA stalwarts such as Alva Castro (MinInterior). This follows on from the scandal Del Castillo caused in Peru's Congress yesterday when he and his cabinet tried and failed to barge in on normal proceedings. The result was one of those scenes from foreign parliaments you get to see on the TV in your own country sometimes

Rumours are swirling about the replacements. One name mentioned for the role of PM is Pedro Pablo Kuczynsky, better know to the world as PPK. A respected figure and smart economist, PPK was PM in the Toledo gov't. Today he said that even though he wasn't considering a return to public office, he'd be willing to help etc etc yada yada.

But another name on the lips of those who know is more interesting. Yehude Simon has already been mentioned at this blog and is a rising star who was already tipped for the top before this Petroperu mess started. Now the centre-left governor of Lambayeque region (and ex prisoner under the Fujimori regime) is almost certainly going to land a ministerial role, and might even get to play number two to Twobreakfasts. Your optimistic Otto hopes Simon gets his chance; he's run his region well so far and has excellent social credentials...and by all accounts he's a nice guy. And while we're at it, how about a post for blogfriend Susana Villarán, as a steadier hand on the social tiller is difficult to imagine.

Times are indeed a-changing, and they certainly needed to change in Peru. The APRA government of Alan has been mediocre at best and downright bad most of the time. Alan's 19% approval rating isn't some fluke, and this corruption scandal was the proverbial straw for the proverbial camel. Peruvians want change at the top and a change in direction for the country. Hopefully this week's corruption scandal will provide the catalyst.