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Peru's Cabinet Ministers: All gone, bye bye

Well, President Twobreakfasts has done it in style; instead of picking or choosing a few sacrificial lambs, he's "accepted the resignation of" (read 'sacked') all of his ministers. From the good (Antonio Brack) to the bad (MiniMe, Alva Castro) to the indifferent (Valdivieso, Pinilla), all of them have just been given more time to spend with their families.

No word yet on who will replace the motley crew, but all the buzz is now around Yehude Simon (as mentioned this morning). Maybe PPK for Finance Minister, too. It's also possible that some of the same faces are re-hired in different roles. And Brack should be re-instated at Environment immediately if there's any justice in this world. That's throwing the baby out with the bathwater if he loses his post. Vamos a ver...........

Here's Bloomberg's version

10:30pm EST: Otto's famous jungle drums can confirm that Yehude Simon will be given the job of Cabinet Chief. This is very good news imho. You heard it here first, folks.