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Silver under $10.........

Paulson models the latest in fall fashion

..........but there's more chance of the hole in your tush healing up than there is of buying some actual physical silver at under $10/oz today. There's enormous strain on large players to raise cash right now, and to paraphrase John Lennon, whatever gets you through the weekend, it's alright, it's alright.

SLV could be the buy of the week right a cork being forced underwater. I'm getting myself a few and taking the risk. DYODD dude.

UPDATE just after the bell: For the record, took profits on PBR and holding SLV through the weekend. A reader/e-mail swapper whose opinion I've come to respect wrote the following on the subject of silver/SLV and I fully agree. Today could turn out to be 'revenge of the little guy'... It'd be nice to win one against the big boys for once, no?

".....I guess there is some poetic justice here if, as some say, the massive sell-offs we are witnessing are being caused by forced selling by hedgies struggling to meet margin calls."