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South America World Cup futbol Qualifiers: results and next round

Yep, this is "that goal"

Hey, we actually made a profit this time! If you check back at the weekend selections right here you'll see we missed on Argentina-Uruguay draw (Argentina won 2-1), but the main bet came in, Ecuador beating Chile 1-0 (though it could have been 5, as Ecuador was all over the tiring Chile in the last 20 minutes).

So all this means Otto has $118 to throw at the next round (and edged out boz who ended at $ still made a profit though, boz :-), and that round is coming up in just 2 or 3 days' time in the midweek fixtures. So without further ado let's see what there is on offer right now, with prices as always from Skybet dot com.

Bolivia 15/8........... draw 9/4 .........Uruguay 5/4
Chile 16/5 ...............draw 9/4......... Argentina 4/5
Brazil 3/10 ..............draw 7/2........... Colombia 8/1
Paraguay 4/9....... draw 11/4............... Peru 6/1
Venezuela 5/4........ draw 11/5 .........Ecuador 15/8

Now my selections
Argentina is a great bet to win away. Due to disciplinary suspensions Chile will be missing three of their key players on Wednesday, and that's enough for me to say Argentina can go to Santiago and bring back three points. There are also two "lambs to slaughter" match-ups this round, with Brazil and Paraguay looking very good for home wins at short odds. I also think Bolivia is value at 15/8 against Uruguay; Bolivia has played well in its last two matches and again has its massive home advantage; ever tried running around for 90 minures at 12,000+ feet above sea level without three months of practice?

So Otto's bets are:
$50 win Argentina at 4/5 for a possible return of $90
$40 win double, Brazil (3/10) and Paraguay (4/9) for a possible return of $75.11
$28 win Bolivia at 15/8 for a possible return of $80.50

And let's see how we get on.

PS: If you want to bet real money on Argentina do it now. I think the bookmakers are asleep tonight and when they realize Chile is a weakened team for Wednesday the Argentina odds will shorten.