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Tonight I got this message from A.N. Other:

"It's going to be good seeing Chavez squirm when less and less dollars on coming in because of lower oil prices."

There are a lot of people who feel the same, I'm sure. If you're one of those people, why are you reading this blog? Why do you follow the investment scene down here when you obviously know nothing and never will unless you change your head? And what basic right do you have to enjoy watching another country squirm when the collapsed financial system that you espouse is directly responsible? Or is it just a case of sadistic enjoyment?

But let's not think about the discomfort the US financial mess is going to cause millions of non-US citizens...let's just personify it and make it hurt just one dislikeable person, shall we? Much easier to swallow, I'm sure.

But the real problem with that sentence up there is that it's not even true. Chávez isn't going to squirm. Not with crude at $100, or $90, or $80, or even $70 a barrel. Not when PdVSA crude costs just six bucks to produce. I mean, if you think Venezuela is going to squirm, what about the Canadian oil sands people with break even North of $50/bbl? Where do you think crude is going when they shut off production up there for lack of profit? Are you guys that crazy to believe crude is going back to $30?

The thought of Chávez squirming is just another uninformed fantasy from those up North who yearn to dominate not just Venezuela but the whole of Latin America....just like the good ol' days. So run along and read the IBD coverage of LatAm if that's what suits your taste better, and leave this blog for people who want to hear it like it is.