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There's nothing like making the best of a trip, is there?

When you're out traveling, touring and visiting it's best to pack in as much as you can to make the most of your time, isn't it? Well, as you're about to read the paramilitary groups in Colombia (the ones that the USA insists are the good guys and also insists on funding) have the same attitude as any other holidaymaker.

Here's an extract from businessman-turned-paramilitary chief Raúl Hasbún's recent testimony. You can find the rest of the report (in English) right here, and it's pretty compelling stuff. Hat tip to Lillie at the wonderful Memory in Latin America blog for passing this one on.

"...Without blinking, he confessed to the San José de Apartadó massacre of 1998. He said he ordered the massacre because the town was so secluded, and the logistics of getting there were so difficult, that it wasn’t worth it to make an incursion just to kill one or two people. Therefore, in order to make the most out of the trip, they killed the largest amount of people that could possibly be associated with the FARC ..."

Now go read the rest.