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Things still very tight-lipped about the new Peru Cabinet

Twobreakfasts unveils his new honesty image,
complete with bespoke uniform

I was in two minds to write this post, as we're all going to find out this evening anyway at the swearing in ceremony, but here we go:

So far nine of the 16 ministers have been pencilled in. Along with the names given yesterday, two more current ministers are likely to retain their posts (the mediocre Chang at education has been ratified). The only "new" name is a dude named Ugarte in the Health Ministry. He's Yehude Simon's political pal and an ex Veep Health Minister in the Toledo gov't. The striking doctors have welcomed the choice, so all is well there. The others jobs are still being kept very quiet, with total lockdown on my inside info sources. So be it.

As for blogfriend Susana Villarán, jungle drums say she kinda refused the Ministry of Women job (though not out of hand) saying that she's been there and done that already and a new face might be a better choice. I'd like to see her accept the position, personally. She knows what is needed, and she's as honest as they come. She's also an outspoken Twobreakfasts critic. Vamos a ver........

The other thing to report is that word says Alan has chosen 8 people and Simon the other 8.....signs of compromise gov't or splitting things down the middle already? You be the judge!