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Trading Post (Samuel Taylor Coleridge edition)

Colossus Minerals ( now down at $1.00. Remember folks, this is not market forces but much deeper stuff; the power of Patrick 'Albatross' Anderson knows no bounds and the overwhelming force to wipe out shareholder value has been bestowed upon him.
Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young!
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.
(extract from'the rime of the ancient mariner', S.T. Coleridge)

Shareholders at Noront (NOT.v) better hope and pray the Rousseau proxy slate doesn't prosper. And on the subject of up days..........

Pertrobras (PBR) up 11% at $29. So I took my small profit Friday and missed the big profit today. So be it. It was always going to be a risk/reward play and as I've mentioned many time, I'm a total whuss at the moment. That said, I'm happy to see the rebound today.

Southern Copper (PCU) up 17%. YAY! Otto's long term portfolio is wheeled out of the intensive care ward.

SLV up 6%....ohh yeah! The Gold/Silver ratio call is working out very nicely. I'm happy about this S/T position and holding through. No set target as yet.

Mercado Libre (MELI) up 20% at $21. I'm not shouting victory about this call yet (see last week's posts), but it's reacted very well in the last few days. Big jump today shows its high beta.

Plenty more where they came from. On the downside, note that (since being mentioned here as in the nasty stuff) has dropped another 50+%. In this market, a junior with little or no cash at bank is in trouble. Period.

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