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"The uberwealthy worry, too"

Click on this link right here to go see what Biiwii Gary has found, namely a whole article about the stress and worry of being extremely wealthy right now (and that title, "the uberwealthy worry too", is a direct quote from the report).

I 100% agree with Gary and would laugh my silly little head off about how the US rich are so worried about their future if it weren't for the pictures that follow. So Otto offers a fair choice to the nine million people officially counted as millionaires in the USA (year 2004):

1. Be DAMNED thankful for what you got, or..

2. Shut the F*** up one time.

Caracas, 2008

Peru, 2008

Paraguay, 2008

Argentina, 2008

Brazil, 2008

And there are thousands and thousands more where they came from. So the next time you're 'worried' about whether you can afford a swanky restaurant or not, get a bit of context in your life, yeah? Being well off is OK by me and by society and that's perfectly correct, but being a spoiled brat piece of shit most definitely isn't.

PS: I don't know about you, but that picture from Peru with the two boys posing so carefully for the photo damn near breaks my heart.