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Venezuela, and Chávez shows his sensitive side

Chávez photographed at his poetry class while discussing the relative
merits of William Shakespeare as applied to the Bolivarian revolution
(click to enlarge)

That Chávez guy isn't always rough'n'tough and blather and bombast and glorious leader, you know, as it's clear he's fully in touch with his feminine side. The H-man has recently had his feelings hurt it seems, and as a result is threatening to slap a defamation charge on the Zulia governor (and bitter political enemy Manuel Rosales) after Rosales accused Chávez of keeping secret bank offshore/overseas bank accounts. In the words of Rosales, Chávez "should be in prison for shamelessness."

Well bad news for you, Manny: You've just gone a bridge too far with your President just weeks before the key regional elections. Chávez responded yesterday by saying, "Today I will instruct my lawyers, and if he (Rosales) manages to demostrate that I have ill-gotten gains, then let me be destituted from the Presidency. If not, he will end up in prison for defamation and slander against the Head of State."

You gotta wonder how well Rosales slept last night.........