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Where's Waldo? (Peru Edition)

Yesterday Romulo Leon, the main accused party in the Petroperu corruption scandal, said that he was in his house and if the police wanted to talk with him "they know where to find me." Well today the police went round a-calling, and guess what? Yup, Romulo Leon wasn't at home. We now have the interior minister Alva Castro (again, one of the APRA inner convenient) saying that the dude won't get away. Otto politely suggests Japan as a possible place to look...after all, it has previous history as a hiding place.

Meanwhile cabinet chief Jorge MiniMe del Castillo has already had to come out and say he's met all the people involved but "it wasn't anything to do with me, honest", and those that understand how APRA works have already noted that the defendents' lawyers are in court trying to slap a habeas corpus on the whole thing and tying to prove that the recordings were made illegally so they are inadmissable evidence.

All good clean fun. But the next post on Peru will be something far more serious. Watch this space.