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Fortuna Silver provides an update

At Caylloma, underground extraction caught on camera

Here's the link to the full PR. Go read it for yourself.

But I'm sure you'll like:
  • improved production tonnage
  • more silver from the mine
  • even more coming in 2009 (1.4m ounces will be 70% more than this year)
  • recovery rates for all metals are improving (now over 80% recovery for silver)
  • new copper circuit that adds easy money by-product cashflow
  • strong cash position Mr Taylor
  • etc etc
This company is the real deal, people. Read that PR for yourself, but I'd like to point out just one small thing here. FVI announced it had started developing the Soledad vein (the bonanza-grade vein mentioned in the PR) on September 23rd and just six weeks later the ore is being processed and those big silver grades are being turned into saleable ounces. This is the difference between an explorer company and a junior actually in production and is something many junior investors don't appreciate. Far too often a PR announcing high grades hits the airwaves as part of an ongoing drill campaign but nothing ever comes of it, or if something does we have to wait months or even years for a solid result. Not true when you can throw the ore into the processor in a matter of days.

All junior miners are not the same. DYODD. Here's a link to the Fortuna website to help you.