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Interesting interview from Ecuador

This is the link to Daniel Denvir's interview (who's doing great journalistic work in Ecuador) with Monica Chuji, a local politician who knows the Correa government from the inside out. Here's the first paragraph of Denvir's note to get the context:

Monica Chuji is an indigenous Kichwa activist from the Ecuadorian Amazon. She served as an Assembly Member from President Rafael Correa’s Alianza País party in the National Constituent Assembly, drafting Ecuador’s new constitution. Prior to Chuji’s election to the Assembly, she was Correa’s Secretary of Communication and spokeswoman. In September, she broke with Correa and left Alianza País, the culmination of months of increasing conflict between the President and Ecuador’s social and indigenous movements.

An excellent interview then follows, giving us a different perspective of what is happening in Ecuador today. Here's the link again, so go read it.