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Biiwii Gary on gold stocks today. If you haven't read this already, go now. Excellent insight.

Paul Krugman on real balance effects. When a Nobel prizewinner takes time to explain these normally out-of-reach concepts to us mortals, take time to read it. This is the goodstuff and good map-marking for next year.

The Economist on Peru. Every now and again, the mediocre LatAm coverage in The Economist is enlightened by a decent piece of script. It happened today. This is a good snapshot of Peru.

Trend and Value on the Aussie dollar. Look, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to trading currencies, and all of a sudden the OzDollar (or pound or Peso, or waddeva they have over there) has lit his fire. There are three or four recent posts on the AUD to check out. So do so.