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Trading Post (edition)

Dynasty Metals ( up 15% on very good volumes. Do I have your attention yet? By the way, I'm long as from today.

Corriente ( (ETQ) up 5.25% at $3.81 and also doing very nicely volume-wise. Ecuador is suddenly the market's new best friend? Go figure........

Nice to see Vena Resources ( popping back after drifting lower recently. The malaise in the whole market sees these things sell off til suddenly a bit of common sense prevails. I say "a bit" of sense, because this thing is worth multiples more than its current PPS. Remember I'm biased, as VEM is a site sponsor. But remember I only allow good companies on board here.

Exeter Resources ( (XRA) down 6.6% and selling off further today. Here's comes Otto and his annoying "toldya so" again. While this stock price starts with a '1' don't even look at it. Way overhyped.

I'm still following ECH the Chilean ETF pretty closely. At $27 and bits today and the news that Chile "enjoyed" negative inflation for November is a new ingredient into the mix (though not really unexpected, given that Chile imports so much of its energy needs). ECH is basically a currency play on Chile, so any dollar weakness will benefit it greatly. On the radar. The volume is always low in this thing, and that's a negative to take into account.

Jaguar Mining (JAG) at $2.14 is back in the buy range here. I'll be looking to add to my reduced position at these prices. If I do take the plunge (and it's very likely) it'll be my second buy of the day....... a long time since I did that. I like this stock at this price...a lot.