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Facebook bans the EvoHaters, AP puts the story out

Looks like we just cleaned up Facebook a little bit. Nice to see Associated Press giving the story airtime, too. Nice job reporting them to FB, lillie :-) I think we can mark this one down as a small victory. Thanks MG. Here's the original post this morning.

Now let's see if the social network group Hi5 that runs the anti-Evo Morales group here (and has a certain Hony Pierola as a member) will do the same as Facebook. And by the way, why not check out Hony's page on Hi5...and if you're ever in Fairfax VA drop by and see him.

"Hi Hony I'm home!"
Hony Pierola (for it is he)

PS: It's also getting reported all over the place in Spanish, too.


January 27, 2009 - 7:49pm