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Facebook will let anybody in these days

For example, check out Bolivian student Hony Piérola's idea of a voluntary organization

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Here's how the translation starts:

"World Collection to Contract a Sharpshooter to Liquidate Evo Morales"

"We have to raise the money to get someone to do it.

When this group gets to the quantity of more or less 1,000 people, I will then send a message to find out if there is a volunteer amongst all of us. Then we all agree to fix a good price so that the individual liquidates the subject..."

Now, call me an old-fashioned fuddyduddy if you like, but plotting to kill Heads of State kinda strikes me as a little bit naughty. So if you'd like to tell Hony Piérola what you think of him, just send him a mail at

Or maybe you'd prefer to pass his personal details on to the Bolivian authorities. After all, the Constitution now enshrines the country as a pacifist state. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for somebody with a uniform to pop round to Hony's shack and have a quiet word with him, don't you?

Thank you MG for passing this one on.