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Friday OT: Sport is a great teacher

For example, it can teach us the difference between greatness and mediocrity.

Take, for example, Terry Butcher and Diego Maradona. Back in 1986 in Mexico, Butcher was the defender Maradona beat not once but twice while scoring the greatest ever goal in a World Cup Final (and quite possibly the greatest goal ever). He was also close witness to Maradona's first goal that day, the infamous "Hand of God".

Here's what the two players have to say about each other 22 years later. Spot the difference between the leader and the pack.

Terry Butcher: "The Hand of God was a strange thing. I was angrier about the second goal because of the way he beat me. He beat the other players just once but he beat me twice....Maradona's a cheat. I'll never let it go. I still hate him with a passion. Little bastard."

Diego Maradona: "Who's Terry Butcher?"