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Greystar ( and its new technical report

Tye Burt

With the release of its new 43-101 compliant technical report on its very large Angostura project in NE Colombia (whch you too can get by clicking right here), the round-up-the-numbers quickest-eye view possible of Greystar ( stacks up as follows:

M+I gold: 11.5m oz
Inferred gold: 3.47m oz
Shares out: 46m
(F/D: 50m)
PPS: C$2.02
mkt cap: C$93m

In situ gold ounce valuation (excl inferred): U$6.35

Note where loonies and greenbacks are used. Current forex applies.

DYODD dude, and the bare numbers above do not do juctice to the real reading you need to do to get a proper handle on the company, but the me at least.....looks like an interesting large gold deposit at low prices. I do not own but that might change soon.

Meanwhile, why should Kinross want to raise another U$360m when they have 500 large ones at bank already.........?