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Trading Post (Simply Red edition)

Petaquilla Minerals ( down 9.5% at $0.38, and a volume that not even CEO Fifer can mop up by himself. Sad, isn't it?

Monterrico Metals (MNA.L) down 6% at £0.54, also down 20% in just four trading days (as it was £0.70 or even higher). Another case of "oh my bleeding heart".

Dynasty Metals down 1.2% at $4.10. And on the seventh day he rested.

Kinross (KGC) down 6.4% at U$17.18. I mentioned being suspicious about the way KGC had been pumped hard since before Xmas to a few e-mail pals. When all The Houses get together to promo a stock like this there's something a-brewing. Sure enough we get the denouement aujourd'hui; Kinross is raising U$360.5m by providing a lucky world with 20.9m new shares.

Troy Resources ( down 3.5% at $0.82. Humph...the only move affecting my own portfolio that is slightly annoying, esp after the good bounce and volume shown in Australia last night. Just 26k shares traded so far in Canada....meagre crumbs. Still, plenty of patience for this thing, as the fundies rock. At these prices can be summed up in five words; my top pick for 2009.