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Trading Post (afternoon edition)

Two Trading Posts in one day? Yep, if only to celebrate the fact I've actually done some trading for once.

Cosan (CZZ) down 0.5% at $3.56. Profits definitively taken as I sold my remaining CZZ at $3.71 (the same price the first chunk went for). Three reasons: 1) I was getting sick of the rollercoaster that hasn't been getting anywhere, 2) after adding to the NG short I wanted to raise a little more cash and 3) I sense that might be on offer soon so I'd like some spending money on hand. CZZ was a fairly chunky position in my port and I like the feeling of more cash right now...never been afraid to sell things. For the record the profit was 30% on the play, which isn't bad after two months or so. Wanted more, but hey...that's the game.

Soquimich (SQM) up 2.4% at $29.48. SQM put on a bullish conference call this morning, forecasting higher prices and growth in its main products (fertilizer, iodine, lithium). Up 20% or so in 2009 and looking solid now. Well-run company that covers interesting sectors.

Troy Resources ( down 6.5% at $1.00. Volumes are tiny and with bid $1.00 / ask $1.08 it can hardly be called a trading vehicle. These kinds of illiquid moments can throw out downspikes as someone sells on a panic. I'm now watching and hoping I can pick up some more down in the 90s somewhere. If my price doens't appear there will be no sweating; it's already my biggest position.