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Trading Post (not much green edition)

Y`know, I could have sworn I saw the Dow up over 1% at the bell this morning......

Southern Peru (PCU) down 5.9% at $12.86. To give you more of an idea about the crushed rally, ten days ago PCU was printing plenty of $16+ numbers. I noted this report that registered 100,000 shares bought by company insider German Larrea at $13.66.

Cosan (CZZ) down 6.6% at $3.13. She goes up, she goes down, she goes up, she goes down. This is why I took half profits at $3.71 a while ago..being a yellowbellied chicken is the way to play a bear market. Gary biiwii said a while back that $3.00 is the place to load or add, and I might just do that if it happens. Until then holding through and staying philosophical.

Coastport Capital UNCH at $0.045. I have this firmly on my radar now. If it goes to 3.5c I'm going to buy some for a quick trade, as my feeling around Ecuador is that mining is about to get a big injection of positive spin. This is a high risk pennyplay and so you must DYODD.

Dynasty Metals ( UNCH at $5.35. Same applies here, except that I hold already (and currently over 250% up...YAY!). Methinks is going to have a very good PDAC.

Dorato Resources (DRI.v) down 3%
at $0.63. Another retailers-only pump PR this morning and more insider selling last week. I love these guys!!!