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Mixed bag of links

Naked Capitalism on the US banks. Yves Smith nails the current situation with this analysis. I do try to steer clear of all things non-LatAm on the blog, but this synthesis of recent happenings and the insight offered is too good to miss.

Bloomie's Kueffner on Ecuador bonds. Seems to me that the FinMin is trying its very hardest to delay any full-on confrontation with bondholders until after the April coronation of Studmuffin. BT, Kueffner is proof that Bloomie does have decent reporters..I tend to forget that sometimes.

Reuters on Argentine futbol. There's a big thing going on about Riquelme's decision to sulk in a corner. I'm happy that he's excluded himself from the side as we have a chance of winning the World Cup now (yeah...we).

Peru gov't getting in on the bailout act. Doe Run (those very polluting smelter owners East of Lima) have a serious cash crisis and the Twobreakfasts gov't is rushing to help. Doe Run has already laid off 1,100 workers at La Oroya....but don't let that worry you...move along now...nothing to see here....let's check those GDP figures again, yeah?