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Bolivia: Evo has lunch then signs his law

You know those ceremonial law signing moments that US Presidents do sometimes? Well Evo does them too, but in his case he invites less press corps along and more ordinary people.

Dr. Morales called the signing of the electoral law yesterday "another unforgettable memorable day for Bolivians" who had bent the will of an obfuscating parliament and tried to stop the democratially voted amendments from being debated by th lawmaking body. The Prefect of Tarija, opposition dude Mario Cossio, didn't think much of Evo's 4 1/2 day hunger strike, however. He said, "I think it's sad that Bolivia gives a pathetic image to the whole world." Hmmm...that's not what the 3,000 people that joined in the hunger strike from 216 different focal points in Chile, Spain and Argentina thought. And it's clearly not what the crowd that turned up to cheer Evo were thinking either.

And as for "pathetic Bolivia", the fact is that Bolivia is on course to show the best GDP growth in South America this year. That's right my kapitalist audience, the buncha wet lefties are forecasting 5% GDP growth this year as well as a dropping inflation figure according to Bolivia's FinMin Arce. Wouldn't it be funny if the rest of the world crumbled while Evo's Bolivia became economically stronger in 2009? Y'know, kinda funny in the Faith No More way:

"It's always funny until someone gets hurt
and then it's just hilarious."