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Capella Resources (KPS.v)

Well, it looks like the stock price has reacted nicely to this post last week...LOL!

As for that $5m placement the company was trying to scam at $0.73 a pop, as they say round these parts "sigue participando" :-)

But seriously, it's fine that the scam has been discovered and the PPS plummet, but really these people deserve to be in jail. The rats behind this scheme have done this kind of thing umpteen times and will just do it again if allowed to, but the supine OSC just sits backs and does nothing. And really, after all is said and done, the OSC is just a reflection of the nation in which it operates as Canadians don't kick up the fuss they should. For every Vancouver Sun David Baines (who gets them wrong ocasionally too...he was wrong on his recent take of Agapov imho) there are a hundred Brian Graceys, but you guys up there never weed them out. Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

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