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LatAm Presidential Popularity: Full Chart Rundown

We haven't done an update on this for a while, so as the new Mitofsky poll of polls for regional presidential approval ratings was published this week (here's the link to the Spanish language PDF) and we have the Summit of the Americas on the event horizon it's as good a time as any.

Here's the full table, all colour-coded for your dee lek tay shun. The base source for the ratings is the Mitofsky report, but I've also added the latest updates from Angus Reid Monitor (example, Bachelet's recent 62.1% polling from last weekend). Click the chart to expand it if necessary and feel free to swipe it for your own blog, website or whatever (but a h/t this time, please guys, yeah?):

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So now a few selected OttoComments:
  • Lula: He is Yoda. The end.
  • Uribe: It's high but it's also dropping. NastyBrutishAndShort was polling 80+% this time last year. It's the economy, stupid.
  • Calderón: Must be really annoying Lopez "legit" Obrador by polling so well. He's been surprisingly likeable in his first two-and-a-bit years, in fact. An example of the 'art of the possible' definition of politics.
  • Chávez: Amazing how the Venezuelan majority opinion gets lost in translation via the English media, innit? Media bias is one thing, but ignoring the views of almost 2/3rds of Venezuelans is nothing short of disgraceful.
  • Bachelet: Probably the best recent performance. Michelle was in the low 40s this time last year. Chileans are going to miss this quality head of state when her time is up at end 2009. We like Michelle, yay!
  • Correa: Studmuffin wins April 26th. Nuff said.
  • Lugo: Very likely to drop in the near future, all things considered.
  • Morales: Steady as she goes, he always polls high 50s.
  • Ortega: Low at 38% but was a lot lower. Notable that when this ratface STFUs and gets on with the job in hand he gets better numbers. The world would still be better off without him, though.
  • García: The man least likely to go on hunger strike in THE WHOLE WORLD. Amazing how outsiders think Twobreakfasts is doing a good job in Peru. The man is a disaster.
  • Klishtina: Ugh. She deserves less and is going to get hammered at the polls in June.