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News Roundup (the bits they daren't mention in other places)


Ecuador: Unemployment took a nasty jump, up to 8.6% in the first quarter of 2009 (7.3% the last quarter). That mean 71,ooo or so people in real money.

Venezuela: Fox News, as objective and sober as ever, gives us headline of the week. "Venezuelan Opposition in Hiding, Behind Bars as Chavez Widens Crackdown". Special applause goes for this line:

"....FOX News witnessed residents of Maracaibo setting his effigy on fire.."

Gotta laugh.

Argentina: Ex-dictator and author of the Dirty War, Emilio Massera, has been taken to hospital with "cardiac problems". Otto sez the only thing wrong with his heart is that it's still beating.

Bolivia: Somebody dynamited the front door of Bolivia's Archbishop's house last night. Not a nice thing to do, as the guy has just left hospital after major heart surgery. Luckily he wasn't at home when the boom went boom. The gov't has launched an enquiry.

Peru: Twobreakfasts promising to "squash the narcoterrorists". Presumably thinking of some kind of wrestling move.