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The Last Temptation of Evo, Trinidad&Tobago style

Peru: Thirteen soldiers are dead after being ambushed by Sendero terrorists in two separate events last week. Lillie at Memory in Latin America has a full rundown in English and here are the latest repercussions with the far left angle played in local press. Despite what you might read in the NYT or Comercio this isn't a resurgent idealogical struggle, more like a bunch of heavily armed narcos trying to defend what they consider their patch.

Argentina rightly going ga-ga over Angel Cabrera's magnificent victory in the Masters and the champ gets all headline space this morning. Here's an example. ¡Voto Latino!

More Argentina: It looks like Alfonsin is still influencing Argentine politics from beyond the grave, as the Radical UCR party has, on what many are calling Raul's last wish, made the necessary moves to allow Presidential Veep Julio Cobos back into the party after expelling him for the "treason" of being Klishtina's running mate. All he has to do now is stop being Veep. Argentinpolitik is a weird world, komrade

Bolivia, and Evo Morales now on day four of his hunger strike. It's all a bit weird this one too, but basically he's protesting about the way the legally voted constitutional changes are being delayed by a congress with a significant block of opposition seats. Because of his ongoing protest he has announced that he won't attend the Summit of the Americas, probably because the buffet table would be too tempting. Chuños and api served.