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Paraguay: He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy

Lugo makes macho man arm signal...DOH!

I saw the scandal sheets on this story last week but thought "yeah well...another rumour". Then suddenly today the whole thing has gone thermonuclear.

President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay has just admitted in a nationally televised statement this morning that he's the father of a two year old boy that was fruit of a relationship with a certain Viviana Carillo. The thing is that it all went on while he was still a Catholic Bishop under orders. Here's Reuters in Spanish with the breaking news.

Well at least it wasn't with a choirboy I suppose, but wowsers, this one is a jawdropper. Is this what LatAm's new left-leaning leaders mean when they talk about illegitimate debt? it Expect very large rumbles in the Chaco over all this.

UPDATE: BBC News covering the story in English now.