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Police Foil Assassination Attempt on Evo Morales, Kill Three of the Gang, Arrest Two

Police raided a hotel in Santa Cruz (where else?) this morning and confronted a group of five heavy armed terrorists (guns, bombs etc). In the ensuing shoot-out, three of the suspects were killed. Two of the dead Hungarian nationals and one Bolivian. The other two, apparently one Irish national and one Romanian, were arrested and taken to La Paz. However there are conflicting reports of the groups' nationalities, with Croatia also mentioned. A large quantity of explosives and arms were also confiscated by Bolivia police.

Evo Morales said today (and I quote): "I'm not mistaken in saying that last Sunday the days of Evo Morales might have been counted. The results of todays operation coincide with the preliminary reports we have regarding this group of European and Bolivian terrorists and mercenaries."

According to police reports relayed by Evo in a press conference, the group was targeting Evo Morales, Vice President Alvaro García Linera and Minister Juan Ramón Quintana. Unsurprisingly the racist fascist shits and Evohaters are already looking stupid and calling it all a hoax, with the Prefect of Santa Cruz (where else?) calling it all a put-on and a show. Hey, remember that Facebook group?

UPDATE: Here's Reuters EngLang with the story

UPDATE 2: We now have confirmation of the names and nationalities of the would-be assassins. I don't know if the spelling is exact on the names but they're taken directly from this ABI report:

Mayarosi Ariad, (Rumania) Dead
Duayer Michel Martin (Ireland) Dead (SEE LATEST POST)
Jorge Hurtado Flores (Bolivia) Dead

Mario Tadik (Bolivia) Arrested
Iedad Toazo (Hungary) Arrested

Apparently the firefight on the 4th floor of the Hotel Las Américas, Santa Cruz, went on for around 30 minutes. Police conficated foru pistols, a rifle, a shotgun, ammunition and explosives, including high powered C-4 explosive and sophisticated detonators. These guys were no muppets, but they should have got down.

FINAL UPDATE: Nice job by Bina of putting today's timeline and the latest developments all together in one place. Check it out on this link.