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Trading post (full of fish edition)

Went to a great fish restaurant with the better half this morning.

Capella Resources (KPS.v) up 28% at $0.69 with volume low. Gotta love these guys! That all you got, Senergy? Where is the OSC?

Cosan (CZZ) down 16.7% at $3.54 and the beta rollercoaster rides on (without me).

Dynasty ( down 6.8% at $4.52 which is a bit disappointing for those of us already bought (eg me) but considering the gold drop today is understandable...i suppose. If it goes lower I'll pick a few extra up but until then it's just holding through the blue funk days. Seriously undervalued.

Vena Resources ( UNCH at $0.28 and still doing far more trade in the serious markets (Lima, Frankfurt) than the mickeymouse TSXV. Comparatively serious anyway. I again look you in the eye and again say in my gravitas voice, "It's going higher". DYODD cos I'm long (and well in the green).