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Trading Post (Susan Boyle edition)

Man, she just has the most wonderful voice. She made me remember all the nice parts about being a human.

Capstone ( down 7.5% at $1.85 on very strong volume and the news of its $50m financing. Reader MontyHigh made a good point in the comments section of the blog this morning. He said, "These guys are really smart and would only be selling themselves if they thought their company's stock price was peaking" and I agree. By the way, Monty runs a nice traders' blog World of Wall Street that you can find on this link. He talks a lot about miners, his selection process and is well worth a visit.

Fortuna (FVI.v) down 4.9% at $0.97 and hasn't been panic-dropped this morning on the blockade news. Volumes nothing more than average, either.

Candente ( up 5.2% at $0.40 and was higher earlier. The market first seemed to sleep on the Tuesday JV news and has rewarded DNT yesterday and today.

Fronteer (FRG) down 3.9% at $2.23 and the best laid plans of mice and men in play. Still in the green on the trade, but not half as much. Plenty of time and patience for the good quality stocks, please.