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You can tell there's an election coming up in Argentina...

The comedy never stops

...because Neshtor isn't just talking his usual crap. He's talking triple crap with a BS side, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Example yesterday, as he told a crowd of descamisados that "Not only have we (Argentina) not fallen into recession but we have managed to reactivate the economy in dramatic fashion," which made me chortle as his words hit the wires almost the same time as two reports from independent buffets (forget the INDEC massage, the indies are as close as we're gonna get to reality) that said almost exactly the same thing; Argentina's economy had contracted for the last two quarters and is now in recession.

There was at the time plenty of debate about the precise reasons for the bringing the date of the congressional elections forward. Was is some kind of finessed move? Had the Kirchners something special up their sleeve? Well, no. The whole idea is to lie through teeth until polling day, tell people that everything is rosy and then go through the painful hard landing post-vote. Or in other words, it's still the Argentina we've known and loved for all these decades.