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The South America Swine Flu Sweepstakes Update

Here's the updated chart, with 14,071 officially confirmed cases in South America (but don't worry, plenty more to come):

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The main news is that Argentina is officially crapping itself. The are now 60 confirmed deaths from AH1N1 in the country and another dozen are likely to be added to the list tomorrow according to the health people. Also ever since last week when the new Health Minister was stupid enough to tell people the truth and Argentina is staring at 100,000 infections before this all dies down, Argentine nerves have been shot to hell.

Chile still a mile ahead of course, and as that 8,160 figure hasn't been updated for 48 hours we can expect a bunch more soon. Peru has snatched 3rd place back from Brazil and passes into 4 figures. Peru has also registered its first two deaths from the thing. Bolivia has shot from nowhere to move into 5th place, most cases being in Santa Cruz. Uruguay isn't telling the truth any more. Finally, to put a bit of context on the latest numbers here is the chart from one month ago, June 7th

Basically tenfold in 30 days. Wow.