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The IKN Kaption Kompetition: Winnah Winnah Chikkin Dinnah

There were some great entries as usual for our caption competition yesterday (11 in guys all rock) so here we go with the podium. In Brilliant Bronze Medal position comes Bina with her second shot:
Twobreakfasts: "Gringo military bases for him, cocaine kickbacks for is good!"
El Narco: "You don't know the half of it, fat guy."

Superb Silver Medal
goes to Locojhon who caught the same drift as the winner and made me laugh:
TB--"So now that we've finished breakfast, what else shall we eat?"
AU--thinking--"What do you mean, WE? The SOB ate mine too."

But the winner made me howl when I saw it yesterday evening. Congratulations and Glorious Gold Medal (and a beer) go to reader 'MP' with this entry.

(click to enlarge)

Good stuff, people. Honourable mention to Amazilia for her knowledge of Peru innerpolitik and the lies told at the UN by Peruvian flunkeys.
Alan: "Asi de grande es la mentira que Pastor les dijo a la ONU"
Uribe: "espera no mas que te investigen, mis falsos positivos quedaran chiquitos"