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Those Peruvian intellectuals and powerbrokers

One of my regular cyberstops in the morning is 'El Comercio', Peru's mediocre and über pro-Twobreakfasts daily that is as close to a newspaper of record as the country gets. It really is a mediocre publication, sycophantic and spin-laden, but in the end it has to be taken in as part of the day.

El Comercio prides itself on being the serious newspaper, the one that all the bizpeeps and ABC1s read. So when I noticed the list of "the most read stories" today it made me laugh. Here's the copypaste, check out the page here

Las más leídas

These translate as

So these are the most popular stories in Peru this morning, folks. Three naked women from Hollywood, some story about soccer-hangers-on and the usual paranoid obsessions about Evo (probably cos the chattering classes and idiot schoolboy bloggers can't stand the fact that Bolivia is doing better than Peru). That's the quality of intellect that purports to running the Peruvian economic miracle, folks. The funniest thing is that these people take themselves seriously. We're laughing at you, dumbasses.