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What's hot and what's not in Bolivia

Respected polling firm IPSOS/Apoyo has just come out with a new survey in Bolivia, asking 1,044 people from the four main population centres of the country their opinions on a range on national institutions and figures. Here are the results:

Top of the heap comes the Catholic Church, which will be no surprise to anyone who knows the's like asking a Canadian whether he approves of hockey. Then strong support is shown for the country's media outlets (TV, radio, print media etc) and then come the Bolivian armed forces (again, no surprise). After that come a swathe of political figures with Evo leading the way on 57%. Frankly, anything above 50% for a politico is good going, so Evo, just four months away from the Presidential election shoo-in, will surely be happy with his number.

Bottom of the pile? Yep you guessed it, that nest of vipers known as the national congress. Y'see, Bolivia isn't all that different to chez vous after all.