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Trading Post (edited title edition)

I wanted to make the title "Obama Is A Socialist Actually Otto Cos Rush Said He Is And Rush Is A True American You Moron" in homage to the funniest hatemail I've received this year, but there wasn't room.

Troy Resources ( up 8.3% at $2.74. I mean seriously dude, WTF? The Oz stock traded softish last night and then this happens? I love it when Canada thinks it can lead the world...

Fronteer (FRG) up 6.9% at U$4.20 and looking better today. Volumes still not megafabbo, but the stock has caught the gold upwave this time. Tis good.

B2Gold ( up a penny at $0.87 and the new buy reco that came out in yesterday's IKN Weekly. This one is just a little nudge or two further out on the risk scale than other LatAm goldies, but that's part of the argument for the buy call now. DYODD.

ECU Silver ( up 11.1% at 90c....YAAY, she made it! Today's the day I take a position in ECU, folks. Not a long position.

Corriente Resources ( (ETQ) up 0.95% at $6.40. This morning CTQ announced it had permission to work on its projects in Ecuador and the market yawned. Funny old world....

UPDATE: Thanks to reader 'B' for this. Party on Wayne. Who's Harry Read*?
*serious Q: i don't have a clue and can't be bothered to google