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Trading Post (jump to conclusions edition)

For the record, I do not post on any message or bullboard anywhere ever. If somebody's pretending to be me it's a reflection on their sad-assed no more mails, please?

ECU Silver ( down 2.4% at $0.80. How's your long position doing, Wistar?

Lumina (LCC.v) up 7.5% at $1.29. Low volumes for sure, but has had that Elmer Fudd "sssh be wevy qwiet 'am huntin' wabbit" look about it for a couple of weeks. i own, so DYODD.

Minera Andes ( UNCH at $0.72 and just can't change its funk. I used to own, so DYODD.

MAG Silver ( down 1.4% at $5.82 and betcha a dollar that if you hang out at the San Francisco mining show this weekend you hear great things about this stock.