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Trading Post (dangerous church model edition)

I've always thought those die-cast models of Italian churches and cathedrals pack a good punch. Now it's confirmed.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 1% at $2.03 despite the news this morning that couldn't have been better for the company. Buy the bull and sell the fundies....nothing ever changes round here.

Ventana Gold ( down 10.4% at $7.97 and spiked as low as $7.30 earlier, all on fairly solid volumes. Looks like somebody has finally worked out the real problems behind this mess.

Riverside Resources (RRI.v) up 7.3% at $0.74. In IKN33 published yesterday we talked in a bit of detail about the fundamentals behind this stock and what kind of prices we can expect under different circumstances from its Sugarloaf Peak drill program, results of which should be out before the end of the year. Volumes are up today, so that's good.

Antares (ANM.v) down 7.4% at $1.25. Another stock we've talked about recently in the subscriber publication.

ECU Silver ( down 1.3% at $0.74. Ready for tax loss selling season, GATAsheep? Betcha Adrian and Wistar are ready to sell into their next pumpjob.