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¡Aguante Salvador Cabañas!

the x-ray

Bad news out of Mexico today. Salvador Cabañas, star forward for America de Mexico and for his national side Paraguay in the run-up to the World Cup (and a player respected by all the continent) was shot in the head in what seems to be an attempted robbery while at a nightclub with his wife last night.

He's in a very serious condition (in Spanish it was called 'grave y delicado', which needs little in the way of translation) after two emergency operations. The bullet is still lodged in his neck as the surgeon didn't want to risk further damage by retreiving it during the second procedure. At the presser after the operation the doc said "We need to have faith and hope" and I highly doubt he was being melodramatic.

This video of his top ten goals in the 2008 season shows how good this guy is.

Wishing you the very best, Salvador.