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El Salvador: No mining, no way

Here's a small section from yesterday's IKN38 that catches up with the mining scene in El Salvador. For more on the activist murders, click the link and visit the full CIPSES report.

El Salvador: Is this clear enough for you?

Here’s part of a speech made by El Salvador’s (popular) president, Mauricio Funes, on January 12th 2010 and translated by CIPSES (15):

“There can be no misunderstanding; my government will not authorize any mining extraction projects.

“No one has convinced us that there are ways to extract minerals and metals, especially metals, without contaminating the environment and affecting public health. We are not going to [authorize extraction permits].”

Also, I expect Pacific Rim ( was very glad to close successfully its $2.35m placement on January 14th (16) because PMU was specifically mentioned by Funes in the same speech, in relation to the recent murders of three anti-mining activists opposed to the PMU projects in the country. Funes Said:

“I have personally given instructions to the Minister of Justice and Security and the Director of the National Civilian Police to investigate those cases,” Funes declared, pledging to shed light on “the motives that are behind these assassinations.” The president stated that those killed had “sacrificed their lives in pursuit of a better environment and a better quality of life for Salvadorans.”

So get your big red marker pen out and put a large cross in the country of El Salvador for anything concerning mining, miners and investment.