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Surgery of the Day Award

News today from the Sabogal Hospital in Callao, Lima, Peru. A direct Translation from this report:

In Peru's Sabogal Hospital, Callao, Doctors Amputate the Wrong Leg of a Man

According to family members of the octogenarian man, the hospital has given no explanation for the error. A medical committee will be formed to determine whether there was negligence.

Monday 25th January 2010, 12:42pm: An octogenarian who went into Callao's Sabogal hospital for a leg amputatation due to an inoperaable ulcer had his other leg mistakenly amputated by by the surgeons in charge, according to family members.

"When he came into the room where I was waiting for him, it was a tremendous shock when I lifted the sheet and saw that they had amputated the left leg", Carmen Villanueva told RPP Radio, whose father Jorge Villanueva Morales, aged 86, was the victim of the negligence.

The daughter that that on advising doctors of the error she was given no concrete explanation and immediately proceeded in amputating the diseased right leg to avoid the advance of the infection.

According to Carmen Villanueva, who has already made a formal complaint, authorities at the Sabogal hospital only told her that the case was being audited.

In respect of the case, the hospital indicated that a A medical committee has been formed to determine within the next 48 hours whether the operation on Villanueva was subjected to the normal rules and administrative procedures.

Directors at the hospital guaranteed the if any irregularity is proven, the guilty parties will be severely sanctioned.